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Unfortunately, being a business man and a software engineer seems to be a hard equation, hard to achieve.

Some months ago i launched a platform called “Yadawe”, an online platform for artisans who craft handmade products. The main purpose behing the platform was to help them build their online brand, help them organize their products and give easy access for customers to view and buy products.

I handled everything starting from the UI/UX to the backend development with Rails, Frontend using Angular, Deployment on digitalocean. Yadawe was a result of constant hardworking for about 4~5 month. The result was astonishing, I got so many good feedback on the website and specially the ui. Sellers started to register their stores and uploading their products. Our facebook page was beginning to finally attract sellers and get them to interact with us.

On the long run, we failed to attract customers, the business was going inactive again, until everything faded out and just vanished. It’s sad i know, but the expirement was good.

Although i liked the idea very much, and wished that the hard work won’t be wasted, I am glad that i did, going through this might have taught me something or two.

Let’s have a look about how Yadawe looked back then



The design kept changing so much, only to improve. We even had a mobile app that is just a webviewkit that runs the website.



Yadawe is dead, but the passion and enthusiasm isn’t.

Farewell Yadawe.

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