Jack of all, King of null

It’s confusing, when it comes to development, I get confused. Four years ago, when i started learning programming, I started writing very simple websites in PHP, then i got bored and moved to Linux development in python/gtk then python/qt then python/gtk, and oh finally wrote some apps in python/gtk for GNOME.

At this stage, i fell in love with Python, so i started writing websites in Python with Django, then moved to a micro-framework called “Flask”, that didn’t last long till i got back to PHP and started learning Laravel framework and played with it for a while, after then i decided to learn nodejs, that’s when i fell deep in love. I said “this is my thing !” and through nodejs iIdiscovered a big world, the Javascript world, nodejs frameworks and those many many front end frameworks and isomorphic ones.

I have gone wild with nodejs and learned many stuff through 2014, but today i just realised that i am a king of none. i discovered that i have been playing for about 4 years and nothing serious came out of this time. Now, it is the time to rearrange my thoughts and set new goals.

I am confused if i should continue as a web developer or to seek something else. but i also have many ideas that should be developed as web apps. should i implement them or just find a partner ? or hire some one ? akhhh. Been thinking about developing desktop and iOS apps with Swift Language, Or maybe go for micro-controllers and embedded systems.

I am feeling lost, don’t know where to go from here, how to focus on one thing and be a king. i think my main problem is making designs and UI, at the company i work in, they say i am good with designs and UIs, but i am not feeling comfortable with it.

any advice ?

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